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FLSK x German Wildlife Foundation: Together for climate and nature conservation in the Aschhorner Moor

FLSK x Deutsche Wildtier Stiftung: Gemeinsam für den Klima- und Naturschutz im Aschhorner Moor

The Aschhorn Moor in 2023 and more to come - the FLSK team is entering into a long-term partnership with the German Wildlife Foundation. The declared goal: to preserve the enchanted moor in northern Germany as a refuge for rare animals and plants and as a natural carbon store. Find out more about our commitment to the German Wildlife Foundation and why moors are an important key to climate protection.

Protect what protects the climate

We dream of green meadows, marvel at imposing mountains and rave about the sea. But we overlook one of the most fascinating natural landscapes on earth: the moor! When we heard about the superpowers of the moors in an internal presentation, we were pretty stunned. Here is a short summary for everyone who has underestimated the moor so far:

Because CO 2 contributes to global warming, intact moors are something like a natural air conditioning system for the planet. They consist of dead plant material that only partially decomposes due to the moist and oxygen-poor conditions. This means that carbon is stored in the soil for the long term instead of being released into the atmosphere as CO 2. Wet moors can even store more carbon per unit area than all the forests on earth combined! In addition, intact moors have these benefits:

  • Moors provide habitat for rare animal and plant species and offer a refuge for endangered species.

  • Peatlands regulate the water balance, improve water quality and serve as important filters for clean water.

  • They function like a sponge and protect against flooding and high water by slowly releasing the water.

  • Peatlands prevent soil erosion and help stabilize the terrain.

  • Peatlands influence the microclimate with water vapor and mitigate temperature fluctuations

A partnership for around 500 hectares of untouched wilderness

The FLSK team had a great desire to support a project in Germany in addition to our international projects. And then we fell head over heels in love with the Aschhorn Moor.

The project surrounding the Aschhorn Moor near Stade is something very special. Around 500 hectares of wilderness, i.e. unbroken nature left to its own devices, are being created here under the care of the German Wildlife Foundation. 80 percent of the area has already been renaturalized after the peat was mined in the individual areas. Peat mining was stopped early on by purchasing the mining rights for the entire area. Endangered plants such as sundew grow in the Aschhorn Moor and the highly endangered lapwing has also found a permanent habitat in the damp moor.

As part of our partnership with the German Wildlife Foundation, donations have been flowing specifically to the Aschhorner Moor project since September 2023. Important: Our commitment to the projects supported by the FLSK Future Fund worldwide remains as strong as ever.

Thank you as our customer for enabling us to support such great projects. We would also be delighted if you spread the important topic of “moorland protection = climate protection” in your network.


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