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How sustainable is stainless steel?

Wie nachhaltig ist Edelstahl?

If sustainability is close to your heart, you've come to the right place at FLSK. Our company is committed to acting as sustainably as possible. We want to protect our environment and conserve valuable resources!

This also includes the use of stainless steel in production. Our products are mostly made of stainless steel, because this material is of maximum quality and sustainable. Why this is so, we show you here.

The production: With a lot of energy to a long life.

Before we can form a beautiful FLSK product from it, the stainless steel must first be manufactured. In the process, blast furnaces melt iron ore into steel at temperatures of over 1000 degrees. It is then elaborately refined with additional materials such as chrome or nickel. Of course, this costs a lot of energy.

On the other hand, stainless steel makes objects robust and durable. You could say without much exaggeration: stainless steel products like FLSK, muki and CUP are made to last forever. Unlike disposable products, which are often only in use for a few minutes, the energy consumption for their production is therefore "worth it".

Recyclability? Top!

Most plastics are not recyclable . That means a yogurt cup has to be made from virgin plastic. And at the end of its service life, the raw materials used are lost. Melting down plastic to make new yogurt cups is not an option.

That's why we love stainless steel! You can melt it down again and again - completely loss-free. Your water bottle may have been a shopping cart in a previous life and, if you ever put it in the recycling bin, it can be turned into a formidable bicycle. Isn't that great?

Sustainable consumption - what is it?

So with our stainless steel products, you're making a good, sustainable decision. But there is another aspect that is often ignored when it comes to sustainability: "Sustainable consumption" is a contradiction in terms. After all, sustainable consumption primarily means consuming less. Environmentally conscious shopping enthusiasts may not like this, and our sales department may not either ... Nevertheless, the same applies to FLSK products:

  • Buy less.
  • Buy consciously.
  • Buy only what you really need and use.
Do you want to know more about the stainless steel we use and its properties? We have all the important facts about stainless steel in FLSK Drink Bottle, muki Snackpot and CUP Coffee to go-cup compiled for you.