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How does the muki snack pot work?

Wie funktioniert der muki Snackpot?

You can think of our muki Snackpot like a premium smartphone: It looks sleek, feels great in your hand, and is packed with features! It can't connect to the internet yet, but we're working on it... Just kidding! The muki Snackpot is truly a technological marvel that makes your daily life easier and always has something delicious waiting for you.


This is what the muki Snackpot can do:

The two separate compartments organize your snack ingredients. Yogurt and other main snacks go in the larger muki Pot, while toppings go in the muki Top, which is the lid compartment. Clean and organized! The muki also has these features:

  • Keeps cool for hours: The main compartment is insulated and keeps the food inside cool for several hours.

  • Leak-proof and spill-resistant: The lid of the muki Top and the ThermoGuard, which separates the top and the pot, seal everything perfectly to prevent leaks.

  • Food-grade materials: The muki’s material doesn't affect the quality, taste, or smell of the food inside.

  • Durable and shatterproof: The muki can take a fall – its sturdy stainless steel can handle a lot.


The muki has an insulating effect similar to well-known thermos flasks. But instead of focusing on liquids, it's specialized in keeping your breakfast or snack at the optimal temperature. Our VICC® technology makes it possible.


Perfectly chilled with VICC® technology.

VICC stands for Vacuum Insulated Copper Coating. This process is the reason behind the muki’s fantastic insulating performance. What makes this technology so groundbreaking?

  • As thermal insulation, we use a vacuum. The airless space between the two stainless steel walls of the muki acts as a temperature barrier, keeping heat or cold much longer than a regular container.

  • The second secret of VICC® technology is the Copper Coating, a fine copper layer inside the double-walled muki pot. Copper increases the container's insulation capacity. This copper layer doesn't come into contact with the muki’s contents but works from within.

  • Unlike fragile glass-based techniques, the VICC® technology makes products robust and stable. Even if the muki falls, it doesn't lose its insulating ability.

muki Function


Vacuum, copper, and stainless steel – now you know the dream team that works for you inside your muki Snackpot.

So, the question remains: Do you really need such a functional breakfast container? All we'll say is, imagine a smoothie straight from the fridge, topped with fresh raspberries from the lid compartment at the last minute.

Once you've experienced it, you'll never want to be on the go without a perfectly insulated and leak-proof snack pot again!

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