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What makes the CUP Coffee to go cup sustainable?

Was macht den CUP Coffee to go-Becher nachhaltig?

Is it even possible to drink a coffee to go with a clear conscience? Yes, with the CUP coffee to go cup! We explain how you can use your thermal cup in a sustainable way.

CUP - the coffee to go cup for everyone who wants to live sustainably.

Shoot, disposable paper cups! Your own thermal cup is the best solution if you want to drink your coffee on the go in an environmentally conscious way. That's what makes the CUP especially sustainable:

  • The CUP is made of sustainable, because durable materials such as stainless steel and Tritan. 
  • With the CUP you consciously choose a high-quality coffee to go cup and therefore use it for many years with friends. It is not a disposable product! 
  • The CUP travels in your bag wherever you go. Compared to a reusable plastic cup, there is no need to transport it to the dishwashing center and back to the café. 
  • You can clean it at home in a water-saving and gentle way.

CUP Coffee to go-Becher

It's easy to use your CUP Coffee to go cup sustainably: Use it. Use it again and again. The more you use it, the better its environmental footprint.

A little bonus:
With the CUP in your hand, you're not only showing your respect for the environment, but also that you value more than a flimsy paper cup. Because when it comes to daily use, health issues, or even design, the CUP coffee to go cup definitely has the edge!

Disposable paper cup vs. CUP coffee to go tumbler

disposable paper cups
CUP Coffee to go tumbler
materialcardboard coated with plastichigh quality stainless steel, tritan and silicone
lifetime15 minutesseveral years or even decades
thermal performancenone3 hours
tightnessleakskeeps absolutely tight
usabilityprone to sticking, unstabletightly closable, spill-free opening, easy hold


elegant and timeless
is often full of questionable plasticizers
does not contain harmful substances
sustainabilityflop, since single usetop, because durable and made of sustainable materials

Drink a coffee to go on the go - with the CUP you can treat yourself to this luxury every day with a clear conscience. Look at the store and discover the noble color variations!

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